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Azed Sheets (Super v)


Super Tile Plus

These new unique roof tiles can be utilized for Residential & Commercial Purposes as may be required by construction companies. The sheets are available in the following colours; Black, Chocolate Brown, Brick Red, Maroon, Tile Red, Harvest Gold and Super Green for both glossy and wrinkle finish.

Sadolin Roof guard


Sadolin Roofguard® is a pure acrylic roof paint that offers excellent protection and durability with a 5 year guarantee. Ideal for galvanised roofs, fibre cement roofs as well as cement and clay tiles.
• Exceptional durability”

Super Eco Plus


Super eco plus stands out as the first wider profile on the east African market with a cover width of 1045mm thus additional of 23% cover compared to super eco cover. Due to their wider cover less sheets are required to be erected thus time & labour cost saving.

Super eco plus offers client excellent drainage system due to trough depth and width pitch. It has an inter small trough that enhances its strength and increases its spanning capacity thus less purlins cost. The profile provides complete leak proof solution due to capillary curve feature and it is highly aesthetically appealing, as well as highly ideal for budget sensitive projects due to their wider benefits

Super vii

Texture Glossy (Smooth Finish), Wrinkle (Rough Finish)
Gauge G26*0.40MM, G24*0.50MM, G22*0.60MM

BAZZ Luvia LED Outdoor Wall Fixture in Black


BAZZ Luvia LED Outdoor Wall Fixture in Black

•Includes 2 GU10 6 watt LED bulbs (940 Lumens). 30,000 hour life expectancy
•Water resistant
•Low energy consumption
•Rust proof
•CSA approved
•Color temperature: 3,000 K (soft white)

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